Do you want to manage CRM, sales, marketing and customer care at their full potential? Sarce gives you the chance.

The link between Crm and BI is both technological and related to processes and the added value from their integration from an application point of view is inestimable.

For this reason, Sarce proposes convergence projects between BI products and CRM solutions.

“Crm solutions, in synergy with the Business Analitycs MS Power BI platform, guarantee coverage of all analytical and front office processes. The integration of the technological platform, the complete and integrated management of the multi-channel, the independence from the underlying platform and the synergistic approach BI-Crm are just some of the key factors of our offering.”

The complete integration of information is facilitated by Unified Communication: the key that can make the difference in inter-company communication. Sarce guarantees a systems architecture that makes use of different means but which allows the information flow to be managed in a coordinated manner.

Sarce model

The analysis of business applications, such as CRM in our case, presupposes an open, agile model: it is therefore necessary to adapt the business models in such a way as to relate the static data with that in streaming. Current data consumption models are no longer only one-way (from operational to analytical) but necessarily bidirectional: the analysis triggers operational activity.

World Connected

Any data present in the company must be used for the creation of a customer-centric vision which, in turn, represents the prerequisite for the generation of the “intelligence” necessary to relate optimally with the world. Machine learning, for example, must give an extra push, to “train” the algorithms and have more useful results that the time series alone cannot guarantee.

The term “intelligence” for Sarce therefore goes beyond multidimensional analysis (now a commodity in the BI and Analytics field) and includes the ability to forecast and optimize capable of bringing together people, processes, data and objects to create new capabilities, experiences richer and increase the potential of companies.

Discover an Internet of Everything where those same people are the real stars.

Manage your business

Managing information and customer interactions in the machine and plant manufacturing industries has never been easier. No more searches between spreadsheets, emails and databases: everything you and your colleagues need is stored in one place and accessible from anywhere thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Sales Force Automation

Discover with Sarce a real offers configurator, to prototype the proposals based on the product data sheets. The system will collect all your technical data of machines and accessories and bring them updated into MS SharePoint, composing the data and creating an ad hoc MS word file for each commercial offer. Close deals faster by storing and updating information, recording interactions and tracking progress in one place. You will gain better visibility on your business and the ability to make predictions quickly and easily, in a time to market logic. You will always be ready, with a sales pipeline related to stock availability.


Acquire leads by phone, email and on the web within the solution and automatically send them to the right person for follow-up. You will be able to check which campaigns produce the highest revenues. This will allow you to optimally invest your marketing budget in the future.

Unified Communication & Collaboration

Share information in all its forms in the best possible way, helping to improve the level of communication and interaction between companies and people. Save time in carrying out your duties and access information more flexibly and quickly. It supports business operations and favors the interaction of a plurality of people involved in the various business processes thanks to video communication, instant messaging, chat, e-mail and file sharing platforms.

Services & Customer Support

Share all the information to make your after sales service unbeatable: when customer service is top notch, everyone benefits: customers, employees and your company’s balance sheet. Acquire all customer information in one place and always offer the highest level of customer service. Manage forms, video tracks, spare parts documentation, price lists and timesheets directly from the customer with Sarce; halve your technical intervention times by creating a true work to order model.