Microsoft customers turn to technology to spur innovation and respond to COVID-19

Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s executive vice president of worldwide commercial business

Judson Althoff


As we work through the effects of the pandemic together, it is incredible to see how technology is enabling our customers to be agile and maintain business continuity,” he writes. “We are also seeing them adapt and scale to sustain critical products and services — all while preparing for a post-pandemic comeback and the new normal.”


Althoff also highlights Microsoft’s participation in January at the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Retail Federation conference, as well as the company’s ambitious new sustainability initiatives, and groundbreaking new partnerships in the financial services sector, major league sports, and consumer goods and services.


“While COVID-19 has disrupted lives, the resilience we see today gives me confidence that we will be prepared to build a new normal together, full of opportunity and powered by innovation and ingenuity,” he writes.


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