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Microsoft customers turn to technology to spur innovation and respond to COVID-19

Judson Althoff, Microsoft's executive vice president of worldwide commercial business Judson Althoff   “As we work through the effects of the pandemic together, it is incredible to see how technology is enabling our customers to be agile and maintain business continuity,” he writes. “We are also seeing them adapt and scale to sustain critical products [...]

Smartworking, COVID-19 and the importance of cybersecurity (part 1)

The COVID-19 emergency has seen a significant rise in cyberthreats. Throughout the world, there has been a marked growth in ransomware, fake COVID-19 apps and targeted phishing scams. What threats can we expect in Hong Kong, and how can you best mitigate against them?   Domain name threats in play, too Domain attacks have also [...]

The importance of cybersecurity (part 2)

How you can mitigate against threats COVID-19 has forced companies to shift rapidly to remote working at unprecedented scale. Threats have increased, so the way you address them has to change, too. Steps that you can take include:   Plan: You will by now have realized that any emergency response and business continuity plans you [...]