Services for Banking

As regards services relating to the operational management of infrastructures, Sarce has for years been supporting customers in all areas of IT security. The best technological skills are combined with organizational / functional skills, made available to customers to support them daily in all the ordinary management processes of security infrastructures. The managed services are mainly provided in two ways: directly at the Customer’s headquarters or remotely at the Sarce headquarters where our SOC is established.

Security Operations Center

Within the Sarce working group, the Security Operation Center finds a prominent place, through which we provide the best specialized management services for security equipment, with specialized and certified personnel on the most popular technologies. Mainly the assets we manage for our customers are: Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Detection Prevention System, Proxy and Reverse Proxy, Web Content Gateway, Antispam and much more.

We manage the entire chain of the Change Management process by aligning and adapting to the Customer’s procedures and needs. We use the decades of experience gained in this area to bring the necessary added value to the customs of the Customers, speeding up the management processes through the optimization of the same.

Our staff provides the service in daily shifts and night / festive availability. In this way we are able to guarantee the complete monitoring of the infrastructures that our customers entrust to us.

We have a consolidated experience in the management of Incident Management processes, we provide fast answers and punctual analyzes and we support sector managers in solving the problems underlying service downtime.

We use the most popular ticketing systems in order to guarantee an orderly and smooth running of the service, to fulfill the requested changes

Our team numbers



with Check Point, Palo Alto and Cisco technologies (or Juniper, WatchGuard and Fortinet)



regarding change and verification requests

Server Management

The ordinary management of technological infrastructures is another area in which Sarce has solid skills and has been carrying out activities for its customers for years.
A team of people organizes and carries out all the phases of the ordinary changes, typical of this service model.
The work groups dedicated to the service currently use ticketing systems, through which the Change Management chain is distributed by area or competence.







Design & project Management

The experience gained in the operational management of Infrastructures and Security Systems further consolidates Sarce’s vision in the technological evolution of the systems, having as its only reference the continuity in the provision of the service and compliance with the quality standards .

For this reason, terms such as Performance, Business Continuity, High Availability and Disaster Recovery make up the titles of the projects through which we guarantee our Customers the necessary reliability.

We are able to support our customers through all the design phases by combining technical skills with project management skills, coordinating the entire project chain in order to achieve the expected results.